Department of Kannada

Vision of the Department


Department of Kannada was established in the year 1968 with the motto of creating awareness about Kannada language, literature and cultural tradition of this land. It aims at inculcating creativity and ethics of life. Our college has enjoyed the first and fourth principalship of Prof. Panchalinge Gowda and Prof. Ramakrishna Udupa until 1982 respectively, who belong to the department of Kannada. The Department is proud to say that the present principal Prof. M.B. Kaverappa also belongs to the department of Kannada.

The teaching fraternities of Kannada department have contributed to the cultural and literary development of this land. They instilled the responsibility and effective use of literature in students’ life. Those teachers who ingrained sensitivity, sensibility and a sense of articulation in the young minds are always remembered. They are:

  1. K.R. Krishnnaiah (1969-1994)
  2. D.B. Ramachandra Aachaar (1970-1997)
  3. Kalegowda Nagavaara (1972-1973)
  4. Chowkaru Parameshwara Bhatt (1976-1996)
  5. M.L. Mahadevaiah(1978-1980)
  6. K.L. Basavaraaju (1983-1985)
  7. Ganapathi Bhatt (1988-89)
  8. C. Raju (1980-2014)
  9. Susheela P.S.

     The department offers Kannada as a language to all the undergraduate students of B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., B.B.A. and B.C.A. program and Kannada literature as an optional subject to the B.A. stream.Students receive learner centric and practical oriented trainings through various workshops, seminars, field visits, guest talks and creative writings.

Program objectives

  1. Kannada has a long history of 2000 year old culture, tradition, creative input and expansion of imagination. Hence our objective is to nurture these values through language and literature.
  2. To shape the students into pro-societal, responsible and patriotic citizens.
  3. To instill scientific temperament, discipline and harmony.
  4. To nurture love for nature, culture and environment.
  5. To develop knowledge that foster self-learning.
  6. Efficacy, excellence, incessant improvement and innovation in all the processes of our system.

Program outcomes

  1. Students exhibit interest in creative writing.
  2. Students showcase their love for language and literature through writing poems, short stories and articles.
  3. The program objectives have produced teachers to further carry forward the richness of Kannada language and literature.
  4. Kannada Association has been doing a lot of creative talent shows and has been responsible in opening Kodava language as a study in collaboration with Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy in 2021-22.
  5. This project demonstrates multi-disciplinary approach and unity in diversity.

Student outcomes

  1. Studying Kannada for three years our students have excelled in different fields.
  2. Our students are journalists.
  3. They have become teachers.
  4. There are creative writers and lawyers.
  5. There are dramatists and actors.

Facilities of the department

  1. Department library.
  2. Kannada Literary Association.
  3. Kannada lit- fest.
  4. Workshops on translation.
  5. Training Kodava folk arts.


Career opportunities

  1. Teachers
  2. Translators
  3. Civil service
  4. Media personnel
  5. Police force
  6. Singers and actors
  7. Para medical force

 Department Rank

  • Optional Kannada students scored 100% results.

Activities of the department

  • Kannada Association: It is an association of the department of Kannada, where students are involved in conducting various programs.
  • Special Lecture Program- 2017: A lecture was delivered by Smt. Monnanda Shoba Subbaiah on Kannada Language and Literature. 
  • Datti upanyasa – A special lecture Program: In association with Kannada Sahithya Parishat of Virajpet Taluk, a special lecture program was organized by the department on8-9-2017. Mrs. Bacharaniyanda Ranu Appanna Spoke about the significance of Folklore of Kodagu.
  • Awareness on GST-2018: On 8-2-2018 an awareness program on GST was held where Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Tax Department, Madikeri, Sri. Ramesh Narasaiah, Sri. Vijaya Krishna Prasad and Auditor Sri. Sudhir came as resource persons.
  • G.K. Ranga Puraskaara – 2018

                    This Program was organized on 27-06- 2018 in association with   Karnataka Beedi Nataka Academy, Rangabhoomi Prthishtana ® Kodagu and Sahitya Spandana Gonikoppal. Theater artist of Kodagu Mr. Kolera Sannu Kaverappa was felicitated with C.G.K. Ranga Puraskaara-2018.

  • National level Webinar: On 7-8-2020 a national level webinar was organized. The Topic was ‘Pracheena Kannada Sahityadalli Manaranjaneya Parikalpane’. Dr. H. G. Sridhar, HOD Department of Kannada, Vivekananda College Puttur was the resource Person.
  • Hand writing competition: On eve of Kannada Rajyothsava department of Kannada conducted a hand writing competition on 28-10- 2021


  • Kannada Rajyothsava: On 1-11-2021 Kannada Rajyothsava celebration was held. Principal Prof. M.B. Kaverappa chaired the program, Cauvery P.U. College Principal Prof. S.S. Madaiah and Prof. M.S. Bharathi, IQAC coordinator was the chief guests.
  • Kala vaibhav 2022 – Art fest: It is an event organized by the students of Kannada department along with the Humanities Departments for the P.U.C. students of Kodagu District. It is known for hosting a variety of events including various competitions.
  • Special lecture series ‘Nanna Krithi- Nanna mathu’: On 14-3- 2022 a special lecture series ‘Nanna Krithi- Nanna mathu’ was organized. Author Mrs. Suneetha Kushalnagara spoke about her short story and shared her literary experiences. Principal Prof. M.B. Kaverappa presided the program.  Lokesh Sagar IPP of Kodagu District Kannada Sahitya Parishat was the chief guest.
  • Padavi mattath Kodava paje – Special lecture and Book release Program: In association with Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy a special lecturer on Kodava language and Book release Program was organized on 28-5-2022.  A. S. Poovamma spoke about the significance of Kodava language. Dr. Ammatanda Parvathi Appaiah chaired the program. Prof. Ittira K. Biddappa, Director of Cauvery Education Society ® was the chief guest. Two Kodava Books were released.
  • Amritha Bharathige Kannadaarathi- Book exhibition and documentary movie show: In connection with ‘Aazaadi Ki Amrita mahothsav’ Kannada department has organized ‘Amritha Bharathige Kannadaarathi’- A Book exhibition and documentary movie show on 11-8-2022. It was organized in association with the Department of Kannada and Culture and Karnataka Sahithya academy.