Program Objectives

  1. Strengthen teaching and learning
  2. Acquisition of language skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking to enable students use language accurately, appropriately and effectively for different purposes and in a variety of situations.
  3. Enhance pupil’s self-esteem and encourage self-respect and imbibe confidence.
  4. Develop interpersonal skills which facilitate co-operation with others, problem solving and skill to resolve conflicts rationally.
  5. The function of literature is to delight and instruct. Hence, create pleasure in reading.
  6. Sharpen their critical thinking.
  7. Motivate them to slip into the habit of reading.
  8. Enable them to gain knowledge about the matters of the world, its people and their culture.
  9. Train them on effective communication through literature to secure employment.

Program Outcomes

English prepares students for any field that values careful reading, precise thinking and the ability to write clear, persuasive prose. While the study of great literature is rewarding for its own sake, and while English Language and Literature learners have no need to justify their course of study by appeal to the job market, our graduates have an impressive track record in finding satisfying jobs. They have moved into rewarding careers in Law, Advertising, Marketing, Consulting, Finance, Real Estate, Journalism, Civil Service, Teaching and many others…the record is impressive! English prepares students for any field that values careful reading, precise thinking, and the ability to write clear persuasive prose.

Student Outcomes

  • Studying English language and literature for three years, our students have excelled in different fields.
  • Our students are Operational Analysts
  • They have become Teachers
  • Our students are in the field of Law
  • They have sharpened their analytical skills, creative thinking and imagination.
  • They have instilled Leadership qualities within them.

Facilities of the Department

  • Language Lab- Functional English as an add-on certified course
  • Department Library
  • English Literary Association
  • English Lit Fest
  • Reading Club
  • Workshop on Translation

Career Opportunities

  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Defence
  • Civil Service
  • Corporate Leadership
  • Marketing
  • BPOs
  • Soft Skills Trainer

Department Rank

Students majoring English scored 100% results.

Kalavaibhav Fest

As an inter-disciplinary activity under the Humanities Department, the Department of English also conducted “Kalavaibhav” fest for students to hone up their skills in organisation, leadership, marketing and product management.

Students took part enthusiastically and won many prizes. It was an exhilarating experience to each one of them.

Literary Association- is an association of the Department of English where students take active part in various activities to build their creative skills like literary quiz, District Level Elocution Competition, Essay Competition, Playacting, Poetry Recitation and Short Story Competition.