Program Overview :

The department of Chemistry was established in the year 1974 with B.Sc(CBZ) and expanded later with opening of B.Sc(PCM) combination.The department has the privilege of obtaining high standard services from dedicated faculties who have succeeded in contributing to the growth of the department.

Students are trained to be independent, acquire basic and advanced knowledge in the subject. In addition to academic activities, the department organizes Seminars/Industrial visits/Special Lecture, etc. for the benefit of the students. Training program for the students is provided in collaboration with Krishi Vignana Kendra, Gonikoppal.

The Students are provided with information about the application of the subject in different fields which enables them to pursue higher studies and get employed in reputed organizations.








Course Curriculum :

The department of Chemistry is offering BSc (Honors) Chemistry with Analytical specialization, with Chemistry as a Major/Minor Subject (According to National Education Policy 2020), Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) 2019-2022, wherein the students will be undergoing active learning through course projects, seminars, assessments and evaluation which facilitates the students to study some non-chemistry subjects also of their choice. 

Course Pre-requisite: PUC with Chemistry


Program Objectives:

·       To provide students the scientific skills and chemical knowledge essential for success.

·       Training students in laboratory and safety techniques.

·       To be able to apply analytical skills, problem solving skills requiring applications of chemistry.

·       To encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning.


Program Outcomes :

·       To have broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of key concepts in Analytical, Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

·       To develo good practical skills and safety principles.

·       To provide the ability to plan and carry out experiments independently and assess the significance of outcomes and to cater to the demands of Chemical Industries with well trained graduates.

·       To instil critical awareness of chemical sciences, to prepare students effectively for professional employment/research degrees in Chemical sciences and have preparedness in lifelong learning of technological change.


Student outcomes :

·       Understanding the principles of various fields of chemistry (organic, inorganic, physical, analytical)

·       Use of the theory and practice of modern instrumentation and apply it to appropriate chemical problems.

·       Recognizing potential laboratory safety concerns and address them using appropriate techniques.

·       Ability to work with others demonstrating leadership and collaborative skills


Facilities of the Department :

·       Experienced teaching faculty

·       Well Equipped Analytical and Organic Laboratories

·       Departmental Library

·       Science Association

·       Regular assessment of students performance.

·       ICT enabled teaching & Use of Models/Charts


Career Opportunities:

The employment areas for the BSc Chemistry graduates include pharmaceutical industries, teaching, chemical manufacturers, forensic science department, plastic industries, agrochemical industries, production chemist, water quality chemist etc. Apart from these, they are also recruited in other fields such as oil, gas and power sectors and even in defense services.


Department activities :

Department activities of the Academic year 2017-18

·       Class seminars organized for I, II and III B.Sc students.

·       Student faculty from III B.Sc gave a lecture on the topic drugs to II BSc students on 12-01-2018.

·       Chemistry puzzle was organized to I BSc students on 05-02-2018.

·       Guest lecture was organized to BSc students. Guest speaker: Dr.J G Manjunatha, HOD, Department of Chemistry, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa College on the topic Co-ordination compounds.

·       On behalf of national science day Various competitions was organized to BSc students: 22nd february essay competition, 23rd february quiz competition, 26th february presentation of seminars.

·       To encourage young minds and to show the importance of science in everyday life National Science Day was organized by department of science on 1st of March, 2018 Thursday at Seminar Hall. The theme of the day was “Science and Technology for a Sustainable future”.The function commenced with the inauguration, chief guests were Dr. Indira Kalyana Sundaram, Scientist ,Department of Botany, Madras University, K,G Uthappa, Secretary Cauvery Education Society (R) and Dr. Rohini Thimmaiah, Principal, Coorg Institute of Pre-University college, Ponnampet. Mime show was performed by the students of I B.Sc to create an awareness of the importance of water.

·       In connection with National Science Day celebration 2018 general science quiz were conducted for non science staff.

·       Visit to wonderla with final year BSc students.

Department activities of the Academic year 2018-2019

·       BSc students paid visit to KVK Gonikoppal,  for a session on Food processing techniques in February 2019.

·       National Science day was organized on 28th Feb 2019, the Chief guest of the event was Prof I.K Biddappa, (Rtd.Principal), Driector, Cauvery College Gonikoppal. The resource person was Dr.J.G Manjunath, HOD, Department of Chemistry, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa College who delivered a talk on ‘Electrochemical sensors for the detection of bioactive molecules’ for the students of BSc.

Department activities of the Academic year 2019-2020

·       On Saturday 20th July 2019, Science Association Inauguration was organizedby Science department. It was presided by Dr.A.C.Ganapathy, President, Cauvery Education Society, Gonikoppal, Sri. KG Uthappa, Hon.Secretary, Cauvery Education Society, Gonikoppal, Prof. Kusumadhar K V, Principal, Cauvery College, Gonikoppal were present. Chief Guest of the program Dr. Nithin K.S, Asst. Professor, National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru addressed the students on ‘Future prospects of Science’.

·       Science Association organized Sir M Visvesvaraya birth anniversary celebration on Saturday, 14th September, 2019 at the Seminar Hall. It was presided by Prof.K V Kusumadhar, Principal,Cauvery College,Gonikoppal. The Chief Guest was Miss.Sushmitha, Lecturer in Kannada,CIT PU College, Ponnampet and Resource person of the day was Dr.Priyadarshini MM, Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology, Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences, Madikeri.

·       BSc students visited a training session at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gonikoppal on ‘Food processing’ in January 2020.

·       On behalf of NSD 2020,  Science Association organized National Science Day celebration on 29th February 2020, at the Seminar hall. The program was presided by Prof. K.V.Kusumadhar, Principal, CCG, Chief guests of the function were Sri.C.K Uthappa, President, Cauvery education society and Sri.M.N.Ramesh, Rtd.Prof, College of Forestry, Ponampet.

·       Various events like quiz, PPT presentation, Collage and debate competitions were organized for the students in connection with with NSDC which was followed by prize distribution.

Department activities of the Academic year 2020-2021

·       National Level E-Quiz on “SCIENCE IN EVERYDAY LIFE” was organized by the Department of Chemistry in association with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell during November 2020.

·       Online lectures were regularly conducted for the students of BSc.

·       A guest talk was organized to BSc students on the topic ‘Liquification of Air’ by Mrs.Nisha C.L, HOD, Department of Chemistry, St. Anne’s Degree College, Virajpet on 22nd March 2021.

Department activities of the Academic year 2021-2022

·       On 09-11-2021 orientation program was jointly Organized by Science department to BSc students. Students were briefed about the NEP(New education policy) and introduced to Department  of Science and Laboratories.

·       Inauguration of Science Association and Nature club(Shrusti) in collaboration with IQAC was held on 11th December 2021 by the department. Chief guest of the event was Miss. Nishma B T, Project Associate at CFTRI.

·       On 14th December 2021 Nature club Shrusti had organised one day trekking to Kabbe hills, Chellavara falls and Nalknad palace to the BSc students.

·       III BSc students along with Science faculty members visited a training programme at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gonikoppal the topic was ‘A look into weather forecast and related Apps in agriculture’ and ‘Petroleum conservation’ by Dr.Harish, Subject matter specialist, Agrometerology on 25th February 2022, which was very informative to the students.

·       The Department of Science and IQAC jointly Organized NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY NSD-2022 on Feb 28th 2022. The Chief Guest was Sri. D. Krishna Chaithanya, Graduate Assistant Master (Facilitator), Gonikoppal High School who gave a talk on ‘Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a sustainable future’ the theme of NSD 2022. Prof. M.B Kaveriappa, Principal, Cauvery College, Gonikoppal,Dr. A.S Poovamma, Vice-Principal Cauvery College, Gonikoppal, Prof. M.S Bharathy, Coordinator IQAC, Cauvery College, Gonikoppal were present.

·       Students of II Bsc performed a mime act on ‘Cause and effect of excessive use of Mobile phones’ to bring awareness to students.Various inter-class activites were conducted for the students.

·       A trip was organized to IIIBSc students to Goa. As a part of curriculum, II BSc students went on industrial visit to  Keltron, Dharmasala, Kannur for practical exposure and insights to real working environment on 1st July 2022.