Mother Cauvery and Lord lgguthappa’s blessed land Kodagu is a tiny district with a population of around six lakhs of people in the southern state of Karnataka. Kodagu has a special appeal with its unique culture, endowed with stunning landscape & valorous people. Kodagu has contributed majorly to the field of defence and sports. General K.S Thimmaiah and Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa are the rare gems of this great soil.

Cauvery College Gonikoppal, is an open window for the seekers of Higher Education. The institution is named after the presiding deity Mathe Cauvery and it has completed 54 years traversing many miles in its pursuit of excellence, ushering a qualitative growth in higher education. The knowledge that the students gain in the portals of this institution enables them to acquire fame nationwide and even at the international front.

The institution took birth on 15th July 1968 with a conglomerative effort of a few philanthropists who foresaw the necessity of providing higher education to all at an affordable cost.

The vision of the institution is “EDUCATION FOR SELF-RELIANCE AND SELF-REALIZATION” and it adheres to the objective of serving all those who come under its fold, giving them good education, teaching them skills and providing its learners a plethora of programmes to discover themselves.



To educate, uplift and empower the unprivileged sections of the society.

To shape the students into pro-social, responsible and patriotic citizens.

To instil discipline and harmony.

To develop knowledge that foster self-learning.

To nurture love for nature, culture and environment.

To develop scientific temperament and emphasize the significance of sports.

To impart efficiency, quality, continuous improvement and innovations in all the processes of our system.



To bring quality higher education to the doorsteps of all sections of the society in the rural and hilly regions of Kodagu district.

To help the youth forge into new avenues of life.

To promote culture and sports activities.

To train students to develop their life skills, like problem solving, decision making, communication skills, self-awareness, raising self-esteem and building self-confidence.

To make them responsible citizens.